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Burgeoning News:

It has been a busy and, I hope, successful year for Burgeoning. Our latest video for Portal Painters was completed in time for the Hampstead Affordable Art Fair. For the first time the video included informal comments about the paintings. People think it worked quite well and it has to be said that Portal did have a very good fair this year!

In Production:
I am very excited to have started making a film for potter Chloe Walters who lives in Burgundy. Her work is fabulous and it turns out she is a really good interviewee. We are also making another video for Angela Young. This time it is about her illustrious ancestor who was a hero of the Titanic disaster, known as 'the plucky little countess'. We are also currently producing videos for the SYLE Press, artist Heather Nevay with more comissions in the pipeline.

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Because we discuss the project with you and study your work, Burgeoning videos give your audience the best and most accurate possible impression of what you do.

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Founded by BBC-trained filmmaker, James Burge, we offer a professional bespoke service for all budgets. We discuss your work and how best to represent you and it in an appropriate video. See Our Service for details

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Angela Young


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Artist Lizzie Riches talking about her paintings at an exhibition



Behind the scenes at the quirky and delightful "20/21", the only art fair dedicated to British contemporary art



A Portal Painters show features two very individual women artists