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Burgeoning News:
Very proud to announce that we have just finished a video for The British Suzuki Institute (see film). It was interesting to work with this organisation and to find out how much fun it is to learn by the Suzuki Method. The film includes an unmissable interview with a young lady who wants to be buried with her piano (or, to be more accurate, she thinks she would if she were an Ancient Egyptian).

Other recently added films are: Potter and naturalist, Chloe Walters (see film); Theatre designer and maker of mysterious boxes, J Henry Kester (see film) and novelsit Angela Young who already has one Burgeoning video but now has another which features her remarkable talk on her great grandmother, the Countess of Rothes, who was a heroine of the Titanic disaster.

In Production:
Two more very interesting projects on the go. Ian Wolter, the prolific and protean artist whose forthcoming video will accompany him on a series of international art shows. And philosopher, Sophie Botros, whose latest book Truth Time and History examines the nature of the past and what we can know about it. Dr. Botros concludes that there is a sense in which the past does not exist, which is interesting. I am confident that each of these videos will reflect one of Burgeoing's strengths: the ability to give an impression of the artist or writer themselves as well as their work.

Please note also that the Examples section now contains a comprehansive list of all Burgeoning films to date.

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Take a look ...




Client: 20/21 British Art Fair. Prestigious but also quirky and friendly

Angela Young


Client: Panter & Hall Best-selling artist, Chris Bushe, painter of storms

Angela Young


Novelist Angela Young explores eroticiism and class in her latest novel



Artist, Lizzie Riches, talks about art, love and a life in painting



Client: Portal Painters
Featuring two very individual artists



A talented potter is inspired by nature and tranquility in rural France

AAF Hampsstead


Ever versatile and surprising J Henry Kester takes us round his studio



Miranda McCormick tells the bittersweet story of her parents' war.



Client: British Suzuki
"Every tone has a living soul"